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5 Funny Signature Dish Names from the UK

Travelling activities include pampering the eyes and tongue. Typical dishes of a country may make the traveller more in love. But trying a menu with unique names is no less exciting. Especially if the nickname is scary or funny.

The following are five other dishes named ordinary, which were obtained during's trip to the United Kingdom.

1. Bangers and Mash

Classified as one of the most classic main menus, the most famous, as well as the most popular throughout the United Kingdom. Just call it "bangers" then the waitress already understands what you ordered.

The term "bangers" which replaces the word "sausage" comes from the history of the First World War. Food ratios or restrictions make sausage producers creative adding a lot of water to the ground meat mixture before being put into sausage casings or casings, so that the shape will still arouse the tastes of the buyer. But as a result, when cooked in high temperatures, especially fried, saus…